Christmas Decoration Stockings

A lot of stocking and Christmas decorations are about ready to be taken out of the garage and rafters. It is almost about that time that people will decide to take out their stuff from the rafters and put them out into public view.

What are you waiting for? Time is running out and now is your chance to finally get to show off your Christmas stuff. There are plenty of DIY projects that you can come and take a look at.  There are actually so many DIY projects out there that you can enjoy doing them yourself s.


Be prepared to have a great time with DIY Stocking Kits that are easy to do and come with step by step instructions that you will be satisfied with. Be prepared to have the best time of your lifes by doing these certain kits.


If you want to have an even better Christmas then you should buy the dog Christmas kit because the dog Christmas kit comes with everything you need for a family it, which includes a dog.

You can even sing while you guys make your kits together. That is the best piece of advice that I can tell you! Have a great time building your kits together and singing.

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Christmas Carolers

Yes we are really talking about this.  Has anyone ever had Christmas carolers come to their door? I know I have and to be completely honest it was the most awkward experience to have.  Imagine hearing a knock on your door expecting it to be your family member or neighbor, but instead its a group of people. You are not sure what to expect, its just a group of people just standing their and you have this weird look on your face as if you are expecting to get robbed or waiting for them to ask for a donation. Instead they just start singing and you are still confused.  After they started to sing you are starting to ask yourself whether this was real life or not. I know I have always seen this type of stuff in certain Christmas movies but I never believed they did this type of stuff in real life. After this experience I have faced this a few other times and I will tell you what, it is really enjoyable after you know what to expect. The first time for everything is always awkward and weird just because you do not know how to handle it or what to expect.


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Ever since then I have joined one of the groups and started to do the singing with them. I am not the best singer but in a group of good singers your voice gets washed out to the point no one can tell there is one bad singer in the group. Often times I would just pretend to sing just to be part of the joy and give happiness to others.  Our recommendation is that if you really enjoying singing a lot then you should find a good singing group and drop by peoples houses.

The first day may be a bit weird, but like I said earlier anything the first time will be a bit weird. It is well worth the experience. Try and practice the songs before hand otherwise you will  be nervous or try and get them to sing songs that you are familiar with so that you can perform well.

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Another New Year

Merry Christmas everyone and happy new year! We are sure that you sang your heart out for the holidays. There is nothing better than Christmas music over the holidays to bring the Christmas spirit out even more.  Singing to the tunes of the radio music while sitting inside where it is nice and warm while looking outside and it is all rainy and snowy is the best you can have.


Lets face it, you are here for a reason and that reason is that you love music in general.  But you specifically love Christmas music.  Christmas music always brings familiarity to everyone no matter where you are located. You could feel out of place somewhere in another country but if they played Christmas music you would feel warm and at comfortable.

We will be posting some pretty awesome videos on the best Christmas songs and when we say the best we really do mean the best. These songs will be covering your whole child hood songs that make up every single moment of the holidays. All of these songs you have heard whether on the radio station, shopping, or in a TV show.  We hope you enjoy the tunes because the tunes will be rolling in. Maybe one day we will eventually sing them our selves.  That was a joke, if we did sing their would be some glass broken. Not some glass but we would say a lot of glass because our voice just in not that great. But hey you get the point, any who, enjoy the wonderful songs!


Again the first video we will be posting will be a generic video that is being covered by someone else. It is a 30 minute long video with the same single throughout the whole song.

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